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Antique Cast Iron Skillet Brands

Lodge usa is a brand that offers cast iron for the home cook, this skillet presents a vtg rating and is produced of heavy metal. It is also at camping and for use in the outdoors.

Large Rectangular Cast Iron Skillet

This large rectangular cast iron skillet is a splendid value for the price you pay, it is manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron and offers a comfortable feel to it. It is enticing for cooking or cooking over medium heat, it is moreover easily cleanable and carefree. The lodge usa iron skillet is an outstanding substitute for camping or double spout vtg camping setups, with different types available, it is difficult to determine which one will work best for your needs. The 8 skillet is excellent for skillet frying and the 5 skillet is for frying onions, buy a cast iron skillet? This one's for you! It's a little more expensive but you'll find that it's course and delicious to cook on. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but you'll find that it pays off in quality and convenience, this is a top opportunity to own a classic cast iron skillet that is in sterling condition. These skillets have been restored by the hands of a true expert in the art of skillet making, the 6 12 inch cast iron skillet is marked by the expert and ot only by the original how much it offers been aged. This skillet is complete and is ready for use in the kitchen.