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Griswold #6 Cast Iron Skillet

This Griswold skillet is a vintage antique famous Griswold no 8 cast iron skillet pan, it is manufactured of cast iron and extends a durable design. It is a splendid addition to your vintage antiques.

With Heat Ring - Repaired

Antique "ERIE" #6 Cast Iron

By Griswold / Erie


Fry Pan 9
Large Logo Smooth Fully Marked
Fry Pan Small Logo 699 T No Rocking Restored

Vtg Griswold # 6 Cast

By Griswold


With Hinge Tab 2503
699 D With Fireplace Spindle
Vintage  GRISWOLD No. 6 Small Logo, Cast Iron Skillet, 699 W Sits Flat

Number 6 Cast Iron Skillet

This cast iron skillet is an outstanding substitute for a large dutch oven because it offers a large block logo on the lid, it is in like manner stainless steel for long lasting use. This Griswold skillet is completely restored! We have the 8-sphere pan and the logo 10-seasoned flat, this skillet is best-in-the-class for any cooking needs! The Griswold cast iron skillet is a sensational alternative for your home cooking needs. This skillet is manufactured from heavy-duty metal that will last for years of use, the 8 waffle iron base provides€2022's thick with flip, which makes it top-of-the-line for multiple sites. The Griswold offers a set ofgovernment-provided cooking time and presents a set prices, it is time to wish the Griswold a happy birthday! This cast iron skillet is back in the case and is in unrivaled condition. It is 8" in diameter and renders a Griswold small logo in the center, it is well made with a heavy-duty handle. This skillet is a sterling value for the price you pay.